The third topic area addresses people's behavior in dealing with risks as well as audience-specific communication around risk topics. The key element is the discussion of possible scenarios for identifying information and protection needs.

This might entail evaluating the needs of emergency personnel in nuclear emergencies, for dealing with psychosocial stress. Or the needs of the population during and after disasters and emergencies. From this, target-group-specific preventive measures can be developed to increase the resilience of the population.

A safety culture, which describes the behavior of groups, organizations, or society in dealing with safety-relevant aspects, is key in this topic. It includes, for example, the question of how rules and safety regulations must be communicated in order to promote safe behavior and also makes use of innovative approaches such as nudging. In an operational context, this safety culture can include how to deal with mistakes and near-accidents, in order to learn from them. On a cross-thematic level, generation-specific perspectives on risks and behavior patterns in dealing with risks are also part of the work.  
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Nudging to increase occupational safety

A project for Suva focusing on preventive measures to increase occupational safety and possibilities of nudging approaches.


3D Printing Learning Expedition

Experten aus Forschung und Praxis präsentierten die aktuellsten Entwicklungen der Technologie und diskutierten sowohl damit verbundene Fragen des Rechts sowie auch der Ethik.