Crisis Communication Radiological Situation Centre

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) in Germany is developing a communication concept as part of the Radiological Situation Centre (RLZ), which is currently being established. Together with the University of Leipzig, the Risk Dialogue Foundation has supported the project. This report documents the work and contains concrete recommendations of action for the attention of the client.

The project comprised four work packages (WP1 to WP4). The existing knowledge was aggregated (WP1), the different target groups were identified and analysed (WP2), concrete communication scenarios were analysed (WP3) and – with a focus on digital information channels – it was investigated which channels are ideally suited for the specific goals (WP4). The project resulted in concrete recommendations, which were also developed interactively in workshops – together with the Federal Office for Radiation Protection and external experts.


Project Start

22. September 2015

Project End

22. September 2017