On the topic of "Digital Transformation and Society", the Risk Dialogue Foundation addresses the question of how the digital transformation can succeed, by equally addressing threats and opportunities for all humans.

The APROPOS_ initiative moderates the dialogue on digitization, develops and accompanies new creative and real-life approaches to solutions, and carries these into society for implementation - with information, experiments and participatory exchange. The following overarching goals are pursued:
  • To promote the knowledge and ability of individuals and organizations to deal with the consequences and areas of tension of our digital transformation.
  • Participatory development of pragmatic solutions with different stakeholders to address societal and political needs for action.
To achieve these goals, various project types are continuously implemented within "Society and Democracy", "Living and Working Together", and "Technology in Discourse". From dialogue events, participatory ideation, workshops with experts and everyday-experts, all the way to concrete prototype development. This is done in collaboration with various organizations from the startup, business, science, government, non-profit, and art sectors.

The DigitalBarometer, which is published annually, serves as a content compass. It shows how the Swiss population perceives the existing and upcoming changes in the context of digitization and what needs exist in terms of information and participation. Based on the results, the content-related starting points for projects are identified in order to support the population in the transformation process and to derive corresponding implications for the design or regulation of digitization (for politics, business, the population, etc.).

The insights gained are all recorded on the APROPOS_ platform and shared with the wider population. The initiative is financially supported by Mobiliar Insurance as part of their social engagement.
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Major Projects_

Digital Literacy

Strengthening the digital competencies of citizens – that’s what our simulation for digital #opinion formation aims to do. For the […]


Artificial intelligence in our everyday lives

Series of events with SATW and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.


Participatory Budgeting in Wipkingen

With the project “Quartieridee”, the associations Nextzürich and Urban Equipe are testing a participatory budget at neighbourhood level in Wipkingen […]