The Risk Dialogue Foundation develops solutions for understanding and collectively shaping technological innovations, environmental changes, and social transformation. In doing so, it focuses on three topics.


Digital Transformation and Society

Risk Communication and Behaviour

30. May 2023
Population dialogue on wind energy in St. Gallen

As part of the amendment to the structure plan to designate 17 areas suitable for wind farms, the canton of […]

On the topic of "Digital Transformation and Society", the Risk Dialogue Foundation addresses the question of how the digital transformation can succeed, by equally addressing threats and opportunities for all humans.

Climate and Energy

21. April 2023
Risiko-Dialog an der Shift 2023

Literacy is not a luxury. It is a right and rsponsibility   An der diesjährigen Shift 2023 am 20. April […]


Climate and energy are key issues of the future. They bring with them technological, economic, and social challenges and upheavals that can only be shaped in a sustainable way through cooperation. Therefore, the involvement of stakeholders and civil society is crucial.

The third topic area addresses people's behavior in dealing with risks as well as audience-specific communication around risk topics. The key element is the discussion of possible scenarios for identifying information and protection needs.

15. March 2023
The Q&A is currently available for download in 3 languages

Do you have questions about CO2 extraction and storage?   The detailed Q&A of the Swiss Carbon Removal Platform offers […]


14. April 2022
Solar Radiation Management – a last resort in the fight against climate change?

Despite plenty of evidence and a growing understanding of the complex interactions, humanity is struggling to stop the trend of […]


14. April 2022
Climate tipping points

Climate change is often perceived as a gradually developing crisis that unfolds relentlessly, but somehow creepingly and linearly. However, the […]


22. February 2022
#DigitalBarometer 2022

The new Mobiliar DigitalBarometer is here! This year, young people were also surveyed, with completely new perspectives. Thematically, we examined […]


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